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Cocoa is a HTML to Blade object parser and Blade object to HTML converter developed as part of the Nyssa package manager.


  • Preserves whitespace
  • Line, column and index positions information


import cocoa
var asJson = cocoa.decode('<p class="x">Hello <br /></p>')  # convert to blade
echo asJson
echo cocoa.encode(asJson)  # convert to html string

Edge-cases handled

Cocoaa handles a lot of HTML's edge-cases, like:

  • Closes unclosed tags <p><b>...</p>
  • Ignores extra closing tags <span>...</b></span>
  • Properly handles void tags like <meta> and <img>
  • Properly handles self-closing tags like <input/>
  • Handles <!doctype> and < comments >
  • Does not parse the contents of <script>, <style>, and HTML5 <template> tags

Decoding line, column and index positions information

You can show the line, column and index positions by enabling the includePositions option.

import cocoa
echo cocoa.decode('<img>', {includePositions: true})

 * Output
 * -----------
 * [{type: element, tagName: img, attributes: [], children: [], position: {start: 
 * {index: 0, column: 0, line: 0}, end: {index: 5, column: 5, line: 0}}}]

              nyssa install cocoa
HTML to Blade and Blade to HTML converter.
License: MIT
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