Usage: nyssa [ [-h] | [-v] ] [COMMAND]


  • -h, --help Show this help message and exit
  • -v, --version Show Nyssa version


  • account <choice> Manages a Nyssa publisher account
    • create creates a new publisher account
    • login login to a publisher account
    • logout log out of a publisher account
    • -r, --repo <value> the repo where the account is located
  • clean Clear Nyssa storage
    • -c, --cache clean packages cache
    • -l, --logs clean logs
    • -a, --all clean everything
  • info Shows current project information
  • init Creates a new package in current directory
    • -n, --name <value> the name of the package
  • install <value> Installs a Blade package
    • -g, --global installs the package globally
    • -c, --use-cache enables the cache
    • -r, --repo <value> the repository to install from
  • publish Publishes a repository
    • -r, --repo <value> repository url
  • restore Restores all project dependencies
    • -x, --no-cache disables the cache
  • serve Starts a local Nyssa repository server
    • -p, --port <value> port of the server (default: 3000)
    • -n, --host <value> the host ip (default:
  • uninstall <value> Uninstalls a Blade package
    • -g, --global package is a global package